5 Smart Winter Boat Projects

Every smart boater knows how to use winter to their advantage. Sure, you likely won’t be hitting the water during this frigid time of year, but winter presents boaters an opportunity to focus on tasks they don’t want to do in the summer. These tasks take on a different feel in winter. What seems like drudgery during the boating season becomes a rewarding, enjoyable taste of the boating life during the cold, dark winter months. Here are a few projects you can tackle this winter.

  1. Revive your boat’s interior. Boat interiors take a beating, and if you neglect them for too long they become less like a summer oasis and more like ragged dive motel room. Freshen up your boat’s interior during the offseason. A good place to start is changing any worn out upholstery.
  2. Change your waste hoses. Old sanitation hoses stink . . . literally. Things that stink have a way of smelling even worse in the hot summer, so winter is the time to tackle the foul task of changing your waste hoses, which will make your boat smell better. If the cold makes the hoses stiff while you’re working on them, dipping them in hot water will make them more pliable.
  3. Update or install alarms. Proper alarms can save your boat or even your life. Update or install alarms on your boat for carbon monoxide, gas or propane vapors and high bilge water, and you’ll have that much less to worry about come summer.
  4. Check your battery. Make sure your boat’s battery is charged and in good shape come the start of the boating season by taking time now to check its voltage. If you have an old battery, repair it now. Also, check for any corrosion.
  5. Change your impeller. It doesn’t take long for a boat’s impeller to become worn or damaged, and a bad impeller can cause big problems for your boat’s engine. It’s a good idea to make checking – and most likely changing – your impeller a regular part of your off-season to-do list.