Boating Praises Sea Ray’s “Sexy” SLX 350 Outboard

Sea Ray’s exciting, new SLX 350 Outboard has been praised for a lot of things – its handling, hull design, spaciousness and versatility to name a few. But Boating magazine recently praised it for something else: its sex appeal.

A recent review of the Sea Ray SLX 350 Outboard in Boating says, “One look at this 56 mph rocket ship . . . will turn you into a pillar of lust. It is what would happen if you fed a Sea Ray bowrider oodles of steroids. The SLX 350 Outboard is big, fast, spacious, multipurpose, luxurious, and the first triple for Sea Ray.”

As an outboard, this luxurious bowrider has an abundance of cockpit space that makes it perfect for lounging and entertaining. It also has plenty of power for fun activities.

Innovative features include the noise-quashing capabilities of Sea Ray’s Quiet Ride technology with Tuned Transom, and the precision and stability of Dynamic Running Surface. Boaters can also enjoy the unparalleled control and agility of the Axius joystick piloting.

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