Cruising to Essex, Connecticut When people imagine what the quintessential New England coastal town is like, what comes to mind probably looks a lot like Essex, Connecticut. Essex is steeped in history, with beautiful streets lined with Colonial and Federal architecture, and it is home to interesting shops, restaurants, and art galleries. Essex is also… Read More

Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips for Boaters Each year, boaters are killed by carbon monoxide poisoning. According to the Center for Disease Control, there have been more than 800 boating-related carbon monoxide poisonings since 2000, and more than 140 deaths. But virtually all carbon monoxide poisoning deaths are preventable. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, tasteless, silent… Read More

5 Tips for Fall Boating Given New England’s long, cold winters, who could blame boaters for trying to squeeze every day out of the all-too-short boating season? For those boaters who stretch their boating season into the fall, they get rewarded with beautiful autumn colors, crisp days and no crowds. But with shorter days and… Read More

Sea Ray at the Newport and Norwalk Boat Shows Fall boat show season has arrived, bringing with it two of the year’s best shows: the Newport International Boat Show and the Norwalk Boat Show. Those of us with Sea Ray are excited to be attending each of these fun and popular shows. Both are sure… Read More

What to Have in Your Onboard First Aid Kit Your boat is a terrible place for you or a passenger to suffer an injury. On the water, you don’t have quick access to emergency medical care and likely don’t have a fully stocked medicine cabinet like you do at home. So it’s important to have… Read More

Great New England Dock & Dine Restaurants Why drive to your favorite restaurant when you can cruise there in your boat? The ability to access great restaurants from the water is one of the most enjoyable boating experiences, and the New England coast offers some amazing dock-and-dine options. Here are a few of the best.… Read More

Seal Watching Tips Decades ago, gray seals were hunted to the point where they were virtually nonexistent in New England waters. But today, seals are protected and their population has bounced back in a big way. Crowds of seals can now be found along much of the New England coast. Viewing these gorgeous creatures in… Read More

For a few exciting days every February, boaters around New England wake from their boating offseason hibernation to enjoy one of the best boating events of the year – the New England Boat Show. The show is the Northeast’s largest boat show and the region’s premier winter boating event. This year’s show will take place… Read More

Knowing how to catch a fish and then release it unharmed is an important skill for every good fisherman. For most fish species, there are rules and regulations about the size and number of fish you can catch. And practicing catch and release is important for fisheries conservation. Here are some tips on how to… Read More