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Sea Ray Debuts New Fly 520 and Sundancer 510 Signature At the recent Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Sea Ray unveiled two of its newest offerings to the world: the innovative and exciting Fly 520 and Sundancer 510 Signature. The Fly 520 is ideal for both cruising and entertaining. Its design allows plenty of natural… Read More

Sea Ray’s New Sundancer 510 Signature Leave it to the folks at Sea Ray to take a boat that other manufacturers would love to have as their own, and decide to make it even better. That’s what Sea Ray recently did with their new Sundancer 510 Signature. This limited-run edition of their best-selling Sundancer 510… Read More

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New Technology for Sea Ray Boaters Sea Ray is partnering with Simrad, a leading manufacturer of marine electronics, to make innovative navigation technology available to Sea Ray owners. The Simrad Go series, NSS evo3 and NSO black box systems will now be optional features for owners of new 2018 Sea Ray sport boats and sport… Read More

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