Signature 510 Praised by Luxury Magazine

Sure, we think the beautiful Sea Ray Signature 510 is a wonderfully luxurious yacht. But it’s always nice to hear it from unbiased people who know a thing or two about luxury.

The Signature 510 was recently reviewed in the Robb Report magazine, a publication that is considered by many to be the most influential luxury journal published in the world. It has 17 international editions around the globe and is created by people who specialize in covering the world’s most luxurious items – from cars to planes to watches to boats. So when they praise something for its luxury, you take notice.

The Signature 510 is much more than the original 510 with a few extras. The 510’s most popular features have been made standard on the Signature, and sections of both the interior and exterior have been completely redesigned. The Robb Report said, “The designers’ desire to excel are evident across the yacht.”

The reviewer especially loved the Signature 510’s “Sky Flow” atrium, which allows plenty of natural light in through the large windshield. The area, states the article, “adds a superyacht sensibility to the space.”

To read the full review of the Sea Ray Signature 510 by the Robb Report, click here.

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